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Construction & Reopening

    We are sorry to be closed for such a long time while we build out our beautifully warm new space at 704 Main St. in The Merc complex.

     704 marks Il Capriccio's third Waltham home in 41 years, having opened on Prospect St. in April 1981, then moved to 888 Main St. in 1994.  Our new space will not be as intimate as 888, with its cheek-by-jowl tables grandfathered in before modern building regulations.  But our new tables will be 30"x30", allowing diners ample room for wine glasses as well as plates!

    There are still too many constructional shoes to fall before we can give you a firm date for our reopening.  Covid adds uncertainties of its own.  As the timeline, below, firms up, so will the date.

    We promise the wait will be well worth it, and not to move again for at least another 27 years.

  • lease signed, 24 July
  • master plan set completed, 9 September
  • building permit issued, 4 November
  • rough-in building, electrical & plumbing inspections, 21 January
  • finish electrical, plumbing, & fire inspections, 26 February?
  • occupancy certificate, 15 March?
  • soft opening, 8 April?
704 Main Street—The Merc Building—Waltham, MA 02451.   781-894-2234.